$TSLA bot

Retweeting every Tweet that contains $TSLA

tsla twitter account on phone


The TSLA bot can be found on Twitter!

A school project

The TSLA bot came to live as an school project, graded with 18/18!

Stock insight

Gain an insight about the $TSLA stock!

Regularly updated

Due to a lot of tweeting the bot needs to be setup again from time to time.

tsla twitter account on phone

The $TSLA Twitter bot

In addition to viewing the live value of the Tesla stock, you can also see what other people think. A useful platform for this is Twitter.
The TSLA_bot retweets all tweets that include "$TSLA," which is a reference to the Tesla stock.

Because there is an lot of tweeting about the Tesla stock, the server on which the script of the $tsla bot is hosted cannot always be up2date with the most recent tweets.

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